Mobile Payment
YuuPay mCommerce

YuuPay M-Commerce

YuuPay offers innovative Mobile Payment Solution that provides user friendly payment experience on the mobile. We believe that mobile payment is equally important as the online payment since more consumers use mobile and tablet for online shopping in the recent year.

Our solutions are easy to implement and can fit mobile web as well as in-app payment modules.

YuuPay also offers customized solutions to plan and build your own payment page to fit your specific business needs. Whether it is payment-on-the go or a uniquely engineered mobile payment system for your trade. We got it covered for you.

Currently, YuuPay offers the following mobile payment solutions:

  • :: Mobile Shopping Solutions - Enable payments in mobile applications.
  • :: Handover Solutions - Trigger payments between two devices with the use of transaction-specific signal (such as, QR code).
  • :: Customized Mobile Projects - Such as Lifestyle Mobile wallet, that offers payment as well as coupons & ticketing platform.